About Us

 Gonga Breath owners, Cindy and Charley Ayers, have loved and used Gonga  Breath products for many years, and jumped at the chance to purchase the  Gonga Breath Salsa and Dip Co. in December 2013, Gonga Breath (founded  in 1994 by Bennie “Benito” Smith Dana, her kids, initially selling  Granny Dots hot sauce salsa from a little red wagon to friends and  neighbors at Christmas) is known for high quality designer dips and  salsas. Cindy and Charley’s goal is to maintain Gonga Breath’s high  quality and integrity while working to expand Gonga Breath’s market.  


“We want as many people as possible to be able to try Gonga Breath’s products for years to come!”

​​As  the current Gonga Granny, Cindy thanks all of our loyal customers who  are proud and satisfied to have Gonga Breath wherever they are.